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Select the sculptures you want to see

To use the virtual guide you need a mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection. You can choose the priority order for visiting the sculptures. To select a sculpture, press the corresponding number icon. We recommend that you choose the sculptures closest to your current position on the map or that you follow the suggested sequence of sightseeing.

Follow the navigation of the Forma Viva Ravne (FVR) virtual guide

By pressing the 'Find the way' button in the virtual guide you can find the recommended road route from your current position to the selected sculpture. By pressing the 'Direction' button you can see the Google Maps directions. In this way the guide will bring you quickly and accurately to the chosen sculpture. When you have finished the sightseeing of the sculpture, select the icon of the next sculpture to which you want to find the way.

Meet the artists, sculptures and their stories

You can use the FVR virtual guide to access the multimedia content about the artists and their sculptures. By pressing the number icon of the sculpture and by selecting the 'About the author' button you can view the subpages of the artists with their stories, discover secrets of the sculptures, unfold the archived photographs and play the videos.

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