Yuki Oyanagi


Untitled / Forma viva 1975

steel bars / 390 x 344 x 265 cm / TUŠ shopping mall, Ravne
Working on their monumental statues in Ravne, the artists from all over the world mainly explored the structural possibilities of design offered by the nature of iron and steel sculptural materials. With a greater or lesser power of various allusions, all these works address us with an abstract visual language, only Oyanagi’s contribution is emphatically figural. The composition of a zoomorphic human figure and an anthropomorphic bird is composed of steel laminations, whose rod- like surface texture is reminiscent of the shape of samurai armour. The hieratic symbolism, which radiates from the two sculptures engaged in mutual dialogue, is probably also rooted in ancient mythology.

Yûki Oyanagi was born in 1944 in Niigata in Japan. He graduated from the Art Academy of the Tama University in 1970. Since 1968, he has been exhibiting his works at the annual exhibitions of the Nika Kai association and the exhibition of contemporary Japanese art organised by the Mainichi Press.

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